8 of the Best Third-Party Twitter Apps for iOS [App List]



One of the best things about a device like the iPhone is that you can enjoy constant connectivity with your favorite social networks – wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. As one of the most popular social networks, it’s no wonder there’s a shed-load of third-party Twitter clients in the App Store, but how do you separate the good from the poor and decide which is best for you?

If you’re not keen on the official Twitter app, check out our list of the best 8 third-party Twitter apps for iOS after the break.

Twitterrific – (Free) Universal – Social Networking

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The award-winning Twitterrific is a personal favorite of mine. It looks good, it’s easy to use, and it’s full of elegant features. It boasts a unified display that shows all of your replies, retweets, direct messages, mentions and more in a single timeline. Create Twitter-based searches and lists; browse conversations threads between users; follow, un-follow and block users from within the app; and filter your timeline for specific tweet types and trends. The only downside to Twitterrific, which may be a decider for some users, is that your messages timeline isn’t broken up into individual conversations like other apps – it’s simply a list of all of your messages.

Osfoora – ($2.99) iPhone / ($3.99) iPad – Social Networking

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Osfoora is another great client that presents a nice, clean UI; a home screen with individual buttons to access most functionalities with a single tap; multiple account support; and a long list of great features. It includes support for TextExpander and Twitlonger, allows you to tweet the songs you’re listening to, customize your profile from within the app, and subscribe/unsubscribe to lists. Its nearby search feature lets you quickly see other tweeters around your location, and you can translate tweets to/from another language.

Echofon Pro – ($4.99) Universal – Social Networking

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Echofon is very similar to the official Twitter app, but it seems to be a lot nicer – especially on the iPad, where its an ideal choice for users who don’t like the official Twitter app’s sliding window feature. Its mute feature makes it easy to ignore certain users, clients, and hashtags; while the brilliant ‘streaming’ feature for the iPad continually updates your timeline when you’re connected over Wi-Fi, so there’s no need to refresh.

HootSuite – (Free) Universal – Social Networking

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HootSuite is an ideal choice for users who also use Facebook and Foursquare, as it features support for all three social networks – allowing you to manage your Twitter account, checkin to Foursquare locations, check and comment on your Facebook news feed, and more – all from one app. Translate messages to/from over 50 languages, schedule updates for future sending, and ‘Bump to quickly add future followers. Another great feature in HootSuite is its tracking options; examine message click statistics by date, see which countries are clicking on your links, shorten URLs with Ow.ly for stats, and track user ratings for links.

Twittelator Pro – ($4.99) iPhone / ($4.99) iPad – Social Networking

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Twittelator claims to be “the ultimate Twitter client with every feature you need.” It certainly does have a long list of features, and its well designed UI makes it one of the best third-party clients in the App Store. This app also allows you to post to Facebook; create, edit and tweet videos; find nearby tweets; perform advanced searches; and set your timeline to auto-refresh. What’s unique about Twittelator is that when you’re bored of its look, you can create your own theme or use one of the 4,500 themes available.

Weet – ($0.99) iPhone – Social Networking

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If you don’t want anything fancy, Weet is the perfectly simplistic solution to your Twitter needs. It provides all the functions the average tweeter will ever need, including retweets, lists, searching, direct messages, trending topics and favorites – without all those advanced features that might get in your way. It features support for TextExpander, CloudApp, TwitPic, TwitVid, twtmore, Instapaper, Read It Later and more.

SimplyTweet 3 – $4.99 iPhone – Social Networking

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SimplyTweet 3 gets great ratings in the App Store thanks to its plethora of features guaranteed to please even the most advanced Twitter users. Push notifications will ensure you’re always informed of mentions and direct messages, there are 5 different themes to suite your mood, chained conversations, swipe-to-reveal shortcuts, unread tweet indicators for each tab, contact lists, and so much more.

Trickle – ($0.99) iPhone – Social Networking

Screen shot 2011 04 13 at 16 30 32

Trickle is an app unlike all of the others we’ve mentioned – describing itself as a “passive Twitter client,” it’s great for users who would rather sit back and take in what’s happening on their timeline without much input. It’s minimal interface displays tweets in a big, bold font – allowing you to sit your iPhone in its dock on your desk, open Trickle and carry on with your work while your timeline is displayed subtly in the background. It aims for ‘hands-free’ functionality meaning you can retweet and favorite tweets at the tap of a button. Trickle is also available for Facebook.

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  • Matthew T.

    Nice write up. I pretty much stick with Osfoora these days. :)

  • bminata

    Where’s Tweeting for iPhone?

  • Tomo

    I agree with previous comentator, this is a good list. However, Twitterrific is only free if you don’t mind ads and only have one account. Full version is actually premium priced – $5.

  • Tomo

    I agree with previous comentator, this is a good list. However, Twitterrific is only free if you don’t mind ads and only have one account. Full version is actually premium priced – $5.

  • Paul

    One thing I love about Echofon (that I haven’t found on any others – suggestions welcome) is that you can sync your place to the desktop app. I find myself checking Twitter on my Macs (one personal, and one work) about as often as on my iPhone but hate scrolling back through the same material each time I switch from one device to another.

    Syncing is my take on the “never handle the same memo twice” adage. In this case it just becomes “never read the same tweet twice.”

  • JNGold

    Tweetings does the same thing. I chose Tweetings over Echofon on iPhone, iPad, and Mac is because it supports Tweetlonger.

  • fff

    Get ’em now before Twitter shuts them down.


  • The_Newtype

    The only app that is truly free (no ads) is the official Twitter app.

  • Togovero

    I love Echofon, but actually i don’t love its “only last 200 tweets in TL” feature.
    Other apps show more tweets than Echofon..?

  • Luis Garza

    No Twitlist? Come on! that’s the best client there is right now :) Well…it’s at least the one that I use :)

  • Renata Schmidt

    I like – and use! – Echofon and HootSuite. But I wonder which is the difference between Echofon Pro and it’s free version, which I use.

  • Scott Chambers

    Tweetlist is easily the best client out there, Im shocked to not see it on this list!

  • DJChillB

    when oh when will someone develop an app that has 1 stream, news feed or what ever you call it for both facebook and twitter. I hate having to apps, Seesmic is the nearest but you still have to come out of 1 screen and into another within the same app to show facebook or twitter.

    If I knew how to do it I would and I would make millions and gazillions of pounds from it(yes Im from the UK)

  • Autumnmorales9

    As of right now I just use the tabs on my Safari and Chrome when I am on the MB. On my iphone I just use the text subscribe to my most important feeds. It seems to work for me, but I’m in Public Affairs for the Army so they don’t get too angry about the constant social media checking. :) Hope you find your fix

  • jauhari

    So..where is TweetBot?

  • iNfAMOUS707

    tweetbot and tweetlogix are my twitter clients of choice