Audio Technica’s ATH-M50 Is Killer for Bass [Review]

Audio Technica’s ATH-M50 Is Killer for Bass [Review]
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  • Kruser4life

    i had these these were the best headphones i have ever had until my dumb dog chewed through the cord totally worth the money

  • Erich

    I would recommend looking at the Sennheiser HD558′s for this price as well; they sound amazing, are insanely comfortable, and the only problem that they bring are that they are Open-Ear so you can’t use them in public. Also most of its components are self replaceable which is an added bonus.

  • Instinkt

    Excellent headphones for reference! Not for playback!

    These are intended as mixing headphones with a flat frequency response and may leave some listeners wanting more!

    For the average listener, any $20 would suffice!

    Also check out Shure SRH-840 – Great for mixing!

  • eyeseeyou

    Completely agree.

    The “bass” that the high reviews these headphones receive are not the “bass” the average consumer would consider BASSY.

  • kriswm

    what if i am an audiophile? what then would i use? i like the sound of great bass, but i’m worried that lack of treble could annoy me. also the ventilation is probably a problem. how do the beats rack up to these side by side?

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