Best Apps to Help You Quit Smoking [New Year’s Resolutions]



Did you promise yourself that 2011 would be the year that you would quit smoking? Are you having trouble sticking to your new year’s resolution? Well maybe there’s an iOS app that will make it a little easier for you. Here’s our list of the best iOS apps that may help you succeed in your quest to quit this year.

The apps we’ve selected will help you find the motivation you need to stamp out those nicotine cravings. Quickly calculate how much money you spend on cigarettes each week and see how much you could save as a non-smoker; create personalized plans that are tailored to help you quit in a way that suits you; and even estimate how much of your life you might be saving by saying no to cigarettes. If that’s not enough motivation, we don’t know what is!

Check them out after the break and get help to kick the habit in 2011.

Quitter – (Free) iPhone

One of the great incentives to quit smoking, other than to improve your health, is to save money. Depending on how many cigarettes you smoke a day, it can be a very costly habit. Quitter is a simple, free application that tells you how many days you’ve gone without putting a cigarette to your lips, and also how much money you’ve saved. Once those dollars begin to add up, it’s a great motivator to stay smoke-free.

Livestrong MyQuit Coach – ($0.99) iPhone

The MyQuit Coach application from creates a personalized plan to help you quit smoking. This physician approved app is easy to use and helps you to evaluate your current status, set attainable goals, and adjust preferences according to your needs. Either choose to quit smoking from day 1 and ditch the cigarettes straight away, or gradually decrease your daily nicotine intake and cut down at a steady pace. The app features personalized inspirational photos, motivational tips, and progress charts that will provide you with all the willpower and help that you need.

Quit Smoking Now With Max Kirsten – ($7.99) iPhone/iPad

Max Kirsten is a world-renowned, highly-qualified clinical hypnotherapist, who became The Times newspaper’s leading ‘self-help’ expert in 2009. Max brings his famous ‘Quit Smoking Now’ program to iOS, which has already helped thousands of people to kick the habit. The app is packed full of great features to help you quit, such as an introduction video and getting started session, the main ‘Quit Smoking Now’ program, a booster session to keep you going strong, a quit smoking e-book and guide, a smoking calculator, and a whole lot more. It may be a little more expensive than the other iOS apps that aim to help you quit, but for little more than the price of a packet of cigarettes, this proven quit smoking program could help you put a stop to an unhealthy habit.

Smoke Out – ($0.99) iPhone

Smoke Out is another handy little application that’s great at keeping track of your progress with many motivational features. Keep track of how long it’s been since your last cigarette, calculate (approximately) how much of your life you’ve saved by not smoking, see how much money you’ve saved, and view excerpts and links to pages that detail the benefits and offer support on cutting out cigarettes. What’s great about Smoke Out is you can post your accomplishments and stats to Facebook and Twitter and update your friends and family on your progress for some much-needed motivational boasting.

SmokeBreak – (Free) iPhone

SmokeBreak enables you to track and visualize your smoking habit, and guides you to achieving your personal goals, whether that’s to quit smoking completely, or just cut down on your daily intake. SmokeBreak adapts to you and creates a personalized program based on the information you give it, and then issues you with a daily “report card” that awards you with stars for achieving your goals, beating your goals, or for avoiding cigarettes completely.

My Stop Smoking Coach With Allen Carr – ($2.99) iPhone

This iPhone app claims to help you quit smoking the “fun and easy way,” by turning what could be a long and laborious task in to a game. My Stop Smoking Coach delivers ‘Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking’ as an interactive game that provides customized feedback and the impetus to help you quit, once and for all. Choose your personal coach from one of Allen Carr’s six experts and he/she will give you personalized tips and advice. There are 14 innovative games designed to help you “remove all illusions created by nicotine addiction while having fun.” The reward system enables you to keep track of your progress with a freedom meter designed to display your progression from dependance to freedom.

Did You Quit Smoking With The Help Of An iOS App?

If you used an iOS application on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to help you quit smoking, we’d love to hear your story. Leave us a comment and tell us about the application you chose, and how it helped you to kick the habit. We’ll choose the best story to feature in a follow-up article at a later this month.


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    I think this is fantastic! Thanks for the review of these great tools, and they can only help, and create some excitement to the new non-smoker, in helping them with their quit. I do think that it is important that each smoker realizes that they are more powerful than they think they are, and that their quit is only a few steps away.

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  • Reza

    I’d recommend the Allen Carr one to everyone. Today’s day two for me. Good luck to all you future non-smokers out there!

  • Mariauzuk28

    For me, Quit Smoking by Azati is the best

  • Mariauzuk28

    For me, Quit Smoking by Azati is the best

  • quit smoking

    It’s great! I’ve been looking
    for something like this ever since I’ve decided to quit smoking. I
    know that it won’t be an easy thing to do, but as they say there’s no harm in
    trying right? Nothing can be done if we just let everything slide away. Once we
    have decided on something we should do something about it right away.

  • Kamrul Hassan

    I am really wondering whether there are some kind of gadgets and some kind of application that goes with it by dint of which anyone interested to quit smoking or any other bad habits can train their mind and reprogram their their mind.

  • Lindsey Klemash

    Really? Now the apps are more and more friendly and practical. My father used to be smoking, I hope the app is useful to him.

  • Bigger Stronger Faster

    Great Share!

    Here is the thing that helped me out to get rid of this disgusting habbit:

    Good Luck to all!

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    Here is a smoking counter with statistics:

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    Hi, there’s a brand new quit smoking app for iPhone. It’s called “Quit Pro” and basically helps you track all your cigarettes or cravings (if you’ve already completely quit) to better understand when, why and even where you smoke or resist the most. It then produces beautiful stats and heat maps. Give it a try.

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    Hi, I developed a new free app to help quit smoking: YouCanQuit

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    Hope you enjoy it!