Must Have Jailbreak Utility TinyUmbrella Gets Updated

Must Have Jailbreak Utility TinyUmbrella Gets Updated

The must have jailbreak utility, TinyUmbrella, a tool written by Semaphore that assists you in saving your iOS devices SHSH Blobs has been updated with new features and a completely redesigned user interface.

You can download the update version 4.1.8 for Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows.

If you are so inclined you can even play around with the core source code of TinyUmbrella.

Click the link below to see a complete list of the updates made to TinyUmbrella.

What’s New in TinyUmbrella 4.1.8:

  • Totally redesigned UI for all platforms (inspired by chpwn refined by me)
  • Original artwork by iOPK of Chronic Dev Team
  • Spinny Icon code (thanks to technomage)
  • Quaqua look and feel (sorry mac only due to license restrictions)
  • Much cleaner look and feel all around
  • Known Devices!
  • Now all devices detected by TinyUmbrella are saved for future use!
  • You can remove them as well :) (Right click -> delete from history)
  • You can save SHSH with known devices as well (No more requirement for the device to be connected)
  • Recovery Devices
  • If you connect a device in recovery mode you can still kick it out of recovery (Right click -> Kick out of recovery)
  • Save SHSH now saves ALL SHSHs available at Cydia with one button press!
  • Preferences
  • Change SHSH save directory
  • Proxies (Web and Socks) for those that need them!
  • Better port 80 detection.

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