This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me, Esquire & More!



One of our favorite iOS apps this week is Gordon Ramsay’s Cook With Me, which features 52 mouth-watering recipes, with simple to follow steps for cooking up gorgeous dishes.

Esquire‘s new magazine app for the iPad is another featured this week: see the World Trade Centre being built, complete with information on how it all will happen.

We also have an amazing new painting application for the iPad!

Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me($7.99) iPhone – Lifestyle

Gordon Ramsay finally arrives on iOS to teach us 52 of his mouth-watering recipes “that you’ll come to swear by.” Watch videos of Gordon running through each recipe, then follow the simple step-by-step guides, complete with images at every stage to help you master each meal. Use the interactive shopping list to remind you of the ingredients you’ll need to grab when you’re at the store, and when you’ve finished cooking, you can compare your meal with Gordon’s.

Esquire($4.99) iPad – Lifestyle

Esquire magazine is now available to iPad, bringing to life the award-winning articles and photography of the print edition. The first issue gives us a look at how the World Trade Centre is being built, with information and pictures on how it’s all going to happen. It features exclusive videos of “Women We Love, Javier Bardem, New Rules for Men, and Car of the Year.” Copy, save and share your favorite articles, quotes, photos and jokes with your friends.

Inspire Pro($0.99) iPad – Entertainment

Inspire Pro is a new painting application for the iPad that claims to be like no other. It’s key feature is that is simulates wet oil paint on a canvas to allow an amazing blend effects with 5 different kinds of brushes. There are stacks of features that will allow you to create stunning paintings: each brush comes in many different sizes, brushes can be loaded with different amounts of paint, varying amounts of pressure can be applied whilst painting to achieve different effects, and your finished piece can be saved to your camera roll or sent via email from within the application. This seems to be the most realistic painting application yet, with far too many features to list here. It’s only $0.99 for a limited time, so grab it quick before it goes up to $7.99!

Infinicam($1.99) iPhone – Photography

The latest impressive photography application for the iPhone is Infinicam, which claims to generate new and unique randomized camera styles. “There are literally billions of possible camera styles to discover, with advanced algorithms in place to ensure a high hit rate of unique, high quality results.” There are loads of different effects to apply to your photos, along with 18 film-style borders to deliver really impressive results.

What’s Your Favorite?

We’d like to know what your favorite app is from the past week. If you’ve found something that you find really useful, fun, or entertaining, let us know about it in the comments! Include your email address and the best suggestion will win an app code for one of the apps featured above!

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