“Welcome to Macintosh” Doc Now on DVD

“Welcome to Macintosh” Doc Now on DVD

“Welcome to Macintosh” (subtitle: the documentary for the rest of us) features a mix of history and cult with interviews from ex-Apple employees, engineers and community members, shedding light on the company’s innovations, failures, cultural impact and what the future holds post co-founder Steve Jobs.

As we noted, it was announced out on DVD this fall, but the delay makes this a good bet for the Mac fanatic on your Christmas list. (Word to the wise: pre-order, since it won’t ship until mid-December).

On sale from the official site, the DVD, which costs about $20, offers three hours of extra content including extended interviews, a “making of” feature, trailers and photo journal.

The doc features a number of Macsperts including CoM’s Leander Kahney. In the trailer he speaks on design: “That’s what makes these products so beautiful, that level of comittment and dedication to the thing. To make it the best thing possible.”

Pretty things, we like.

  • Sam

    That’s swell. Gonna buy me a copy asap

  • rcramden

    Don’t know if you guys saw… but the new trailer on welcometomacintosh.com has even MORE Leander… Woo Hoo! He speaks of both WOZ and JOBS… check it out.

    PS: That sold me… just ordered :-)

  • Guest

    Anyone happen to know where you can get this dvd for uk?


  • rcramden

    I bought it on Amazon… They will ship to the UK.

  • rcramden

    I bought it on Amazon… They will ship to the UK.

  • James

    About $20? How about $19.84! It is a shame to not mention the perfect pricing! BTW, we interview the directors on Episode 56 of the RetroMacCast:


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