Beat iPhone 4 Line: Rent a Tent

Beat iPhone 4 Line: Rent a Tent

Waiting in line outside an Apple store is no longer just for fans: it’s business.  Two enterprising guys have put up tent space and chair space on website airbnb for spots in line for the iPhone 4 launch

A spot in the San Francisco tent — for the full-on can’t-wait-for-it fanboy experience — will run you $400 a night, more than the price of the new iPhone 4.

And you have to share the tent, too:

“Rent the tent I pitched outside of the Apple store in San Francisco and be the first person to get an iPhone. I have a 2 person tent and figured that if I couldn’t get my friends to join me, I would rent out the extra spot. I’m hoping to earn enough to cover the cost of my phone!”

Beat iPhone 4 Line: Rent a Tent

Another airbnb listing offered a chair outside an Apple store for $200. It’s no longer being offered.

Perhaps the chair has already been occupied?

Via airbnb

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