Plane plunges 5,000 feet while co-pilot plays with her iPad


iPads have quickly replaced gigantic flight manuals in cockpits across the globe, but all that easy access to information, photos and loads of games nearly proved fatal on a recent Jet Airways flight that took an unexpected dip over a busy air route to Europe .

The two Jet Airways pilots were suspended after the plane they were flying from Mumbai to Brussels plunged 5,000 as the pilot dozed off while the co-pilot was busy playing on her iPad.

Turkish air traffic controllers noticed the plane took a sharp dive, putting it at the same altitude assigned to another plane, and immediately alerted the co-pilot, who was busy looking at flight information on her iPad. The captain was on a scheduled break during the long flight to Brussels, but regained control of the plane after being awakened by the co-pilot.

None of the 280 passengers on board were hurt, but India’s air regulation agency, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has termed it a “serious incident” and initiated a probe into the incident.

Along with suspending the two pilots, a three-member team has been created to review the airline’s flight training programs, and DGCA has also directed the airline to come forward with all the records from the plane’s flight recorder. You know, to make sure the co-pilot wasn’t really just getting in a few dates on Kim Kardashians: Hollywood.

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