Sunrise Calendar jumps from iOS to Mac, with support for Facebook, Evernote, etc.

Sunrise for Mac

Sunrise, one of the most popular third-party calendar apps for iOS and Android, released a Mac version today.

It looks a lot like the existing mobile app and has many of the same features, including the functionality that sets Sunrise apart: direct integration with services like Evernote and Facebook.

Sunrise’s iOS app has been getting some great updates over the past few months. The most recent update added Songkick, Evernote, Tripit, Github and Asana as services that can be connected into the calendar experience.

How does tying all of these services into a calendar app work? Well, one example is how Facebook event invitations are shown as you receive them, with the option to RVSP right in the app. When you add Evernote, all of your time-based reminders are shown in Sunrise where they can be edited and wirelessly synced back to Evernote.

On the Mac, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Linkedin, Producteev, Evernote, GitHub, Songkick, Asana, and TriptIt can all be connected. Google and iCloud email accounts are supported. Microsoft Exchange support is coming in an update.

You can switch between week and month view, and both are laid out nicely. There is no menubar app, and you can’t just type “lunch with Buster at 2 tomorrow” like you can in Fantastical. Sunrise isn’t the perfect calendar app for everyone, but it’s a great option to look into—especially if you want a tool that can work with your other productivity apps and social networks.



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