Crystal Baller: Leaked iPhone 6 parts and other ridiculous Apple rumors



This week's top Apple rumors

Step up to the ball to see which these rumors are hot and which are not...

Is this the iPhone 6's backlight panel?

The Rumor: Images of an alleged backlight panel for the iPhone 6 leaked on Weibo yesterday with the user behind them claiming they're for a 4.7-inch device.

The Verdict: The panels don't offer new clues about design changes coming to the iPhone 6, but they do match the structure and design of the iPhone 5s/5c back light panels. Considering all the other recent leaks coming out of Weibo, it's very possible this the real deal.

Seoul, start your photocopiers

The Rumor: Samsung is hard at work trying to copy Apple's Sapphire glass display on the unannounced iPhone 6.

The Verdict: This is an early nominee for least surprising rumor of the year ETNews cites industry sources with inside knowledge on Samsung's meetings with manufactures, but we could've called it as soon we saw the Gold S5 with a fingerprint scanner. Or their Smart Case. Or their Chromebox. Or... you get the point.

The Apple Store is getting a facelift?

The Rumor: Angela Ahrendts is only three weeks into her reign at Apple but rumors claim she's already outlined a plan that will completely revamp the end-to-end Apple Store experience.

The Verdict: The shift from computers to wearables is the perfect time for the ex-Burberry CEO to shake things up at Apple's glass and aluminum shrines, I just hope she gets rid of the annoying musical chairs-style support at the Genius Bar while she's at it.

The NFC rumors won't die

The Rumor: Chase Morgan analyst Craig Hettenbach says NFC is finally coming to the iPhone 6 because Apple needs a backbone for its rumored mobile payments service.

The Verdict: Craig obviously didn't read my inaugural Crystal Baller post or he'd know the "possible licensing deals" and "patent filings" he cited in his report as evidence are about as worthless at predicting Apple's future as consulting a flea market gypsy with a magical third nipple. It's all about the iBeacons.

Jimmy Iovine will be Apple's video man

The Rumor: Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson says the Apple-Beats deal is all about video, with Tim Cook  planning to tap Iovine to run Apple's content empire and secure deals for a new Apple TV.

The Verdict: Isaacson has pounding the "Jobs cracked the TV" drum for the past three years without a single wisp of an update coming from Cupertino.  Apple doesn't need Iovine for hardware, but with talks of negotiations with studios dragging back to 2012, Iovine's connections could be just what it needs to finally take off, if they don't cancel the deal entirely.

We get slammed 24/7 with new Apple rumors. Some are accurate, most are not. To give you a clue about what’s really coming out of Cupertino in the future, we’re busting out our rumor debunker each week to blow up the nonsense.

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  • RaptorOO7

    So any other company that wants to use Saphire glass is copying Apple who has yet to even announce they are using Saphire glass on an iphone. Even if they do WTF, who cares who else uses it. Its not exclusive to Apple, no one is copying anyone, if not then Apple copied Motorola on the fingerprint sensor on a smartphone. Its called technology and its a race to innovate and innovation comes from inspiration.

    • Joffre Arteaga

      Yes Samsung copies in a prolific way , its fine who ever uses sapphire glass but the thing is that as soon as apple does something someone at Samsung hits the panic button and says we have to release a product based on apple product rumors example ( Galaxy gear ). Also your talking about the Motorola Atrix that was released in 2011, apple released their finger scanner phone in 2013 and Samsung surprise surprise released their finger scanner phone the S5 right after Apple, so you can see Samsung has a long history of copying, in 2009 legal battles involve against Dyson the vacuum makers , for copying their models check it out , also RIM sued Samsung for copying its phones with the Samsung Blackjack ,Sure when a company invents or uses a popular feature others follow that’s fine but Samsung is a fast copier more prolific than any other company including Apple, and i have a Galaxy S4 i love tech not companies but in this case Samsung doesn’t have a good reputation.

    • Charismatron

      This week Samsung clearly stated they are in the business of “following trends”. So, the idea that this is their strategy is no longer something for speculation. Naturally, mimicking innovation requires a legal strategy due to the inevitable patent suits. Samsung has correctly calculated profits from copying outweigh costs of R&D and litigation combined.

      Samsung knows buyers don’t care where the innovation starts, so long as it results in less cash flying out of their wallets. Moreover, regardless of why they are in court, Samsung knows that all news is good news: anyone forcing litigation against Samsung is doing Samsung a favour. In the public eye this validates Samsung as a major contender and allows Samsung the opportunity to “defend” it’s action is court, blurring the realities of what they say in public, which is that they copy what’s popular among their competitors.