Polish Apple reseller makes store out of fruit stand materials

Made with materials found at your local food market.

Paper bags used for packaging fruit hang from the walls.

Apple stores around the world are considered shining examples of exquisite design in the cutting-edge world of retail. Steve Jobs was famously picky about every detail that went into the stores, all the way down to the type of wood grain used for the tables.

An Apple reseller’s new store in Poznań, Poland, takes a unique approach to design by incorporating materials used in actual fruit stands. The result is decidedly retro, and actually pretty cool.

The center table is on wheels to mimic a portable market stall.

The center table is on wheels to mimic a portable market stall.

Inhabit has shared the photos of the new store, which is called Jablka Adama, or “Adam’s Apple.”


The front desk is literally a big wooden box on wheels.

Wooden boxes used to normally store fruit now hold accessories.

Wooden boxes normally used to store fruit now hold accessories.


An interior photograph of the store.

  • Adam Horbowski

    Hi, its Adam from Jablka Adama. Its not a picture of an owner, but it is nice :)

    • Merithew

      Fixed. We should have known you were much more handsome than that.

    • http://www.wertum.pl/ tab0reqq

      Nie wiem jak z cenami (i ew. warunkami kredytowania vs. iS…t) ale wygląd? Rewelacja :) I to na CultofMac!

  • Przemysław Chęć

    Respect :D it’s soooo nice to see a news from Poland

  • http://calyja.pl/ Bartek Pussak

    Jeah! Poland

  • Kuba Juchniewicz

    I bought there my first MacBook a week ago, perfect customer service, nice prices, plenty of accesories. I like this store very, very much. :)

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