iOS 8 is poetry in motion in this stunning new video

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When Tim Cook takes the stage at WWDC in a couple months, everyone is expecting him to unveil the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 8… the first major update to the OS since Jony Ive drastically overhauled it.

Most of us at this point have come around to iOS 7 being an improvement on iOS 6, but even so, there’s lots of room for improvement. And if iOS 8 ends up looking anything nearly as good as this concept video from TechRadar, I think we’ll all be very pleased indeed.

While most concept videos of upcoming Apple software releases are fanboy fantasies, Techradar’s video limits itself to envisioning new features in iOS 8 that are either heavily rumored or solidly reported.

For example, the video shows Siri recognizing a song utilizing its new Song ID integration, courtesy of Shazam. It shows the new Healthbook app syncing with the iWatch. It also shows the operating system providing full support for CarPlay, and a completely redesigned Notification Center.

It all looks beautiful in action, and seeing a number of rumors and reports about iOS 8’s upcoming features visualized this way has us all the more excited to see what surprises Apple has planned in June. Now what about OS X 10.10?

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