Hands Free: Hang Your iPad From Your Belt

Hands Free: Hang Your iPad From Your Belt

Dorks of the world, rejoice. Runnur has designed the perfect way for you to carry your iPad on your belt and not look cool. Countless hours doubtless went into making sure that the Hands Free would be not only secure and reliable, but also make you look like an utter drongo when you use it.

Like the Spider Holsters, which let you hang even a fully loaded SLR camera off your belt, the Hands Free consists of two sections. A belt hook that either hooks to a belt or a sash-like shoulder strap, and a case with a clip that hooks onto the belt bracket.

The clip looks and sounds just like a seat belt. The belt section offers a bare metal “tongue,” and the case section’s clip covers and clamps it like the floor-mounted clip in your car. To release it you press a button.

It’s a neat idea, and for folks who carry an iPad all day but also need to use their hands, it’s ideal. The only part I don’t like is the case itself. It’s good that it uses a soft design, as it’ll be banging against your hip all day, but it uses zippers to close, which means dangling, jangling zipper handles annoying you all day long.

The Hands Free costs $115 for the full set of strap case and clip, $70 for the case and clip, and $55 for just the case.

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    If you thought the fanny pack was bad…

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