If There Will Ever Be An Uber For Drones, Hopefully It Looks This Good


Imagine a world where you can summon a drone from your iPhone like an Uber car. Flying minions help you navigate traffic and find where to eat. It’s a futuristic kind of reality that feels pretty cool and scary at the same time.

Gofor was created as a concept to explore what an on-demand drone service would look like for normal people. While the service is obviously not real, the finished product is packaged together so well that it almost seems possible.

If There Will Ever Be An Uber For Drones, Hopefully It Looks This Good

The Gofor iPhone and iPad app lets you summon a nearby drone to do a task. Some examples in the promo video include tasking a drone to follow you on a hike and take pictures, go ahead on your driving route to map out traffic, check out a restaurant to see how busy it is, and even go in your place to attend a social gathering.

Hiring a drone to monitor your home or work place while you’re away sounds somewhat practical, but then Gofor veers into satire with tasks like hovering over a parking space to keep it reserved until you get there.

Gofor plays it all off as very normal and helpful to society, but a world where drones zig and zag throughout the sky is a pretty unnerving to think about.

With the way things are going now, it will be a long time before anything like an Uber for on-demand drones actually exists. But there are certainly those out there dreaming about it already.

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    Great! I wanted it, can I buy it on CultOfMac?

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