Shoot 2K Video On Your iPhone With Ultrakam App

Shoot 2K Video On Your iPhone With Ultrakam App

Ultrakam is a video-shooting app that uses more of the iPhone’s pixels than the stock camera app to capture something like 2K video from the iPhone 5, 5S and compatible iPads. Yup, 2K video on your iPhone, and a lot more besides.

Here are the video details:

  • 2K (1936×1446) with M-JPEG codec at 20,24,30fps.
  • 2K (2240×1672) with H.264 iFrame codec at 20,24,30fps.
  • Up to 50MB/s video stream .
  • Record full frames in M-JPEG at 100% quality.
  • Capture all the color range at 4:2:0 Full range
  • 2CH Linear PCM Audio 44.1K in .CAF format

This power doesn’t come cheap though. There’s a reason Apple chose the video resolution it did. Ultrakam’s top-quality footage gobbles 3GB storage for every minute shot.
Shoot 2K Video On Your iPhone With Ultrakam App

And amazingly, it costs just $7. Compare that to buying a 2K-ready camera and see how it stacks up. Ultrakam is available now.

  • Guest

    1920 x 1080 equals 2,073,600 pixels, while 2K at 2048 x 1080 equals 2,211,840. I’m not sure 2k is that much diff than 1080p so I don’t think anyone will care.

    • scott

      2240 × 1672 = ,745,280
      3,745,280 – 2,073,600 = 1,671,680 pixel difference…

      Your math strugglin’ bruh.

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