Urban Outfitters’ New Earbuds Look Curiously Familiar

Urban Outfitters’ New Earbuds Look Curiously Familiar
Urban Outfitters, everyone’s favorite copyright-infringing chain store, is at it again with the Happy Plugs, earbuds from a “Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand that brings color to the world.”

Can you imagine a pair of Apple’s old Earbuds, only in color? Congratulations, because you just imagined the Happy Plugs, in a uncannily accurate piece of mind theater.

The $25 Happy Plugs come in black, cobalt, turquoise, green, silver, cerise, pink, orange, yellow and gold, include an inline remote, and beat out Apple’s earbuds in one significant way – the buds are arranged in their box to look like a pair of musical notes.

Seriously though – just look at these things. I’ve included a picture of the white ones up top so you can see just how similar they are to Apple’s own earbuds. I wonder if Apple legal attack dogs are on the case already?

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