Apple Shortens iPhone Return Policy From 30 To 14 Days


For how long can the iPhone continue killing it?
For how long can the iPhone continue killing it?
Photo: Apple

Apple has chopped its iPhone return policy from 30 to 14 days, according to leaked document uncovered by 9to5Mac. The updated policy officially goes into effect on March 13th, but Apple’s website is already showing the change.

The change sounds like an effort to clear up return policy confusion.

In the past, customers could bring an iPhone back to Apple within 30 days of purchase, but the carrier would still charge an early termination fee if the iPhone was returned after 14 days. iPhone carrier partners have always offered a 14-day return window, and all of Apple’s other products have a 14-day policy as well.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Johnno

    Dear Apple, Good luck with that in the EU. There are laws ya know. :-)

    • lucascott

      you mean those laws that say if something is defective. Different game. The return policy is talking about just not wanting it. And getting your money back because that’s what you want. Under those EU laws folks like to misquote as a ‘warranty’ the manufacturer only has to ‘make right’ and they generally have the power to repair/replace rather than refund