Realmac Brings iPad Support To Original Clear For iOS As Clear+ Gets The Chop



Realmac Software is throwing in the towel on Clear+ and making its original Clear release the priority. A new update that’s rolling out today brings iPad support to the app at no extra cost, while support for Reminders is coming soon.

Realmac launched Clear+ last October as a paid upgrade for those who wanted to get their hands on its new iOS 7 design and full support for the iPad. Unfortunately, the paid upgrade didn’t go down too well with customers, so Realmac brought its design changes to the original Clear app for existing customers. The only reason to upgrade to Clear+ after that was for iPad support.

But having two Clear apps in the App Store has caused some confusion.

“Ever since the launch of Clear+, we’ve heard from customers that they are excited to pick up Clear but uncertain which version to buy,” explained Realmac founder Dan Counsell in a post on the company’s blog. “In other cases, we’ve heard from folks that mistakenly bought the iPhone version when they really wanted the universal version.”

In an effort to eliminate this problem, Realmac is killing Clear+ completely and making its original app a universal one, with full iPad support baked-in. It’s also going to make the app completely free for 24 hours, so that customers who bought the other version — or haven’t yet bought Clear at all — can obtain it free of charge.

If you have Clear+ installed on your iOS devices, then, you’ll want to uninstall it, because it’s not going to get another update. You can then install the original Clear again. Those who don’t already have it can register their email address with Realmac, and they’ll get a notification when it goes free in the App Store — just follow the source link below.

Source: Realmac Software

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  • oldino

    Pathetic decision and poor planning.
    I got fooled twice: first bought original clear, and then got Clear+ with Xmas discount after reading so many complaints over their twitter account.
    And now they make this step back which should have been considered at original release time.
    I won’t buy their products in future, that’s for sure.

  • Might as well grab it, since its free right now. I wonder if that means Reminders will be a free upgrade when it comes out.

  • J O

    So, I bought the first version. Then I bought the + version to get the larger iPad view. Now, were told they made a mistake and their letting us go back to the original version for free! May I remind the developer that the ‘free’ version was paid for in the first place. In the second place, how about refunding the money paid for this soon to be discontinued version seeing it’s not our fault. Come, on now, refund us the money and don’t Kidd us saying this Clear is free.