Coast For iPad, Opera’s Underappreciated Browser, Gets A Major 2.0 Update


On iOS as on the Mac, there’s only two browsers that most people take seriously: Safari and Chrome. But another browser you should consider is Coast, an iOS browser made by Opera that turns the worldwide web into a sea of apps.

It’s a great browser, one of the few that re-imagines surfing as if it were designed from the ground-up to happen on the iPad, with a primarily gesture driven interface and chrome that stays out of the way until you need it. And now, Coast is getting better, thanks to a beefy 2.0 update.

The first major improvement is faster page navigation. In Coast, you move back and forward just by swiping back and forth, so any speed increase here is much appreciated.

Perhaps more substantially, Coast 2.0 introduces inter-app functionality for PDFs, which will allow you to open your Adobe-formatted documents in other apps such as Adobe Reader, Dropbox, iBooks, Kindle and more.

There’s also new homescreen enhancements, such as wallpaper customization, which is accessed by a long press. And if you have video or music running within Coast, you can now control it right from the iOS lock screen, just like any other media app.

Coast’s a great app, and it’s only getting better. Grab the 2.0 update on the App Store for free.


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