Woah! Check Out The Beautiful Curved Front At Apple’s Refurbished Stonestown Store


Photo by Jeffrey Lam

UPDATE: There’s no glass on the front of the Stonestown store. Earlier reports indicated the store was fronted by glass, but it’s actually wide open. It has a big metal gate that is closed at night. “Comes right out of the walls. Pretty nifty,” says one shopper who visited the store.

Apple just reopened its retail store at San Francisco’s Stonestown mall, and just check it out. It’s one long piece of curved glass. spectacular!

Here’s another shot:

Photo by Gilbert Chan http://instagram.com/p/h9OLSULoTj/

Photo by Gilbert Chan

And to get a clear idea of what it looks like, here’s another photo while under construction:

Credit: ifoapplestore

Credit: ifoapplestore

The Stonestown store was the smallest of Apple’s three stores in San Francisco. The $2 million refurb doubled the floorspace to 7,690-square-feet space, but still leaves it half the size of the 15,000 square feet flagship store on Stockton Street.

It’s about time it was enlarged. Every time I went there, it was packed like a sweaty nightclub.

Apple takes good care of its storefront glass. IFOstore discovered that Apple retains an expensive UK company (with subsidiaries in 28 countries) to buff out dings and scratches. So important are the windows, Apple never asks for cost estimates for the repairs. The company, Glass Polish Ltd., just goes ahead and does the work. Here’s a video they produced of a US store window repair:

Woah! Check Out The Beautiful Curved Front At Apple’s Refurbished Stonestown Store

  • jcgarza

    I don’t see any glass; where is it??

  • TechShizzle

    How long until some old lady walks out of Nordstrom and into the glass and sues Apple?

  • MacDailyNews

    Those are photos of air, not glass. Some of Apple’s mall stores have a rolling grille that slides into the wall when the store is open. This is one of them.

  • iandean1980

    I do believe your talking right out of your arse

  • layPhone

    Apple has invented invisible glass! I can’t wait until this is on the next iPhone.

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