‘Everything Is A Remix’ Takes On The iPhone [Video]


Everything Thing Is A Remix Filmmaker Kirby Ferguson just released a new case study for his popular series that tackles whether the iPhone is a truly original idea, or just a hodgepodge of copying and improvements like pretty much everything else.  The case study starts by contesting Steve Jobs’ claim that Apple invented Multi-Touch – when really the technology was being developed for years by many companies – before strolling through some of Apple’s other inspirations.

The video does give Apple credit for creating a device that the entire mobile industry copied, while also providing a great survey of the real world objects Apple used as inspiration in Apple’s UI designs  that helped make the iPhone and iOS so revolutionary. Ultimately the film turns to iOS 7 and the ideas Apple borrowed copied remixed from Windows Phone and Android.

Watch the video below and tell us in the comments whether you think the iPhone got a fair treatment:


  • layPhone

    I think it is a pretty fair shake on the iPhone. Apple took everything out there and remixed it into something that made sense and was easy to use. In the last 6 years it has been remixed over and over to meet user needs, even when that means using things similar to those outside of Apple.

    I haven’t watched the creator’s other videos on this topics so I can’t compare to those.

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