Facebook Rolls Out Annoying Auto-Playing Videos To Your iOS Newsfeed… Huzzah!


Hey guys! Do you like videos automatically playing when you scroll by them! No one does! That’s why Facebook’s just introduced the feature to its official iOS app.

Released last night, the new Facebook for iOS updates makes sure that videos posted in your News Feed automatically start playing when you scroll by them. It works a lot like how the feature works in Instagram, another Facebook joint: while videos start playing immediately as you scroll by them, they don’t play sound until you tap on them.

That makes the feature marginally less annoying, true, but it also means that your device is sucking up bandwidth for videos you may very well (and, let’s face it, probably) have no interest in seeing.

The good news is that if the Facebook implementation works half so well as Instagram’s auto-playing videos, you’ll never even see these videos, as they will all lock-up totally when you scroll by them. On the other hand, this is yet another annoying Facebook feature that has zero value to users, and is made entirely to placate advertisers. That’s just bad design.

  • ElVox

    I absolutely agree with you regarding auto-play videos…which is why I *HATE* the auto-play videos that you guys have on this website…which happen to work exactly as you describe…autoplay without sound, just annoyingly sucking data.

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