Southwest Will Now Let You Pay $2 To Use iMessage On Your Flight


The FCC may or may not be ready to give in-flight cellphone calls the green light, but until you can phone home from 40,000 feet up Southwest is now going to let customers pay $2 for an all-day iMessage pass.

Starting today, Southwest has enabled its Messaging passes which allow iDevices users with iOS 5 or later to use the messaging service on all Wifi-equipped aircraft. And now that the FCC has changed its mind on using your phone during takeoff, you can stay connected with friends from the departure gate to the baggage terminal.

To use iMessage during the flight, users will have to switch their iPhones to Airplane mode and connect to Southwest’s network. The $2 pass doesn’t include internet access but if you want the best of both worlds you can always load up iMessage on your MacBook and pay $8 for full internet access.

Southwest says Android users won’t be left out in the cold as the company is looking to add favorite Android-based messaging apps to the service in early 2014.


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