Here’s A Much Better Way To Store And Transport Your Macbook Power Cord [OS X Tips]


Macbook Power Supply

Ok, sure, this is more of a tip for those with a Macbook Pro or Air, or any other Apple laptop in the last few years with the fantastic tiny power brick design to it.

I know that I’ve struggled for years on the best way to tuck the two pieces of the power cable away. I’ve generally settled on wrapping the thin part of the cord around the included flip-out handles and then wrapping the larger cord around my hand. Sometimes I separate the two cables and do the same thing, so they fit better in a flatter bag or backpack.

This new tip, though, from Twitter user J Cornelius, just plain astonished me when I saw it. Why didn’t I think of that?

The first few wraps - no stress.
The first few wraps – no stress.

To start, string a little bit of the thinner cable down the center as in the image above, making sure there’s enough slack that there won’t be any stress or wear on the cable. Then, wrap the larger cable around the center of the power brick, vertically between the two flip out wrap handles.

Next, wrap the thinner portion of the cable around the flip handles as per usual, making sure that you’re catching the larger cable behind it, like a little bungee cord. Voilà! You’ve got a self-contained way to keep your cords together.

Heck, you can even plug this bad boy into a wall socket in situ, as it were, and not worry about dragging the cords all over a dirty coffee shop floor again.

Keeping it real. And clean.
Keeping it real. And clean.

Via: J Cornelius
Image: J Cornelius


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    The Apple power brick is the worth design Apple ever made! The puck was a by far better design. I throw out and buy numerous new bricks every year for our staff. The flip up fingers are the downfall of this design. The best design is to coil up the cable naturally as seen here

    Those faculty that coil the cable up like this I rarely have to buy new bricks for. The brick design has been Apple’s biggest mistake along with the MagSafe 2 adapter. Come on Apple, lets have a better PS! You make sleek commuters, how about a proper functioning PS like the old puck

  • DrM47145

    Here my two cents, worth $9.99
    Go with the Quirky PowerCurl

  • DrM47145

    Here my two cents, worth $9.99
    Go with the Quirky PowerCurl

  • aardman

    Ha ha, your picture supposedly showing no stress on the DC out cord is actually showing the cord getting stressed. It should project straight out, perpendicular to the brick. That bend right where the reinforcing sleeve ends is where the insulation on the DC cord is prone to break down.

  • DJBabyBuster

    Leaving the grounded extension at home in favor of the two prong plug solves that issue so easily.

  • Chris Leiter

    Here my two cents, worth $9.99
    Go with the Quirky PowerCurl

    That’s the best macbook air/pro accessory on the market in my opinion. I have 3 myself, and have given many of them as gifts to friends and family.