Apple Rolls Out New Video Trailers For App Store Previews




This week’s editors choice app in the iOS App Store features the release of Clumsy Ninja, which is notable because for one, it took these guys a really long ass time to get their game into the App Store, and two, Apple’s promoting the app with a special new video trailer in the App Store.

Clumsy Ninja is the first app to get a video trailer in the App Store – a feature long requested by third party developers. Right now it looks like the trailer is only viewable on an iOS device, as the app’s page in iTunes only shows a couple of image previews. 

The feature is a welcome addition to the App Store and will hopefully see wider implementation as iOS 7 matures. With Apple placing more emphasis on motion and animation in iOS 7, MacStories notes that developers have asked Apple to add video trailers to app preview pages to give customers a better idea of what an app is capable of doing, rather than being limited to just screenshots and words.

The promo app page has rolled out to the U.K. and other International App Store and should be viewable in the U.S. today. For some reason the video trailers only play in portrait mode – to hell with your screen orientation lock.There’s no word from Apple yet on whether or not more apps will get video trailers or if it will be limited to just Editor’s Choice apps.


Source: iTunes

Via: MacStories

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