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Think your inbox is a dizzying mass of junkmail? The serial entrepreneur who started About.com wants to help you unclutter; not by getting rid of spam, which has been pretty much wiped out at this point — but by allowing you to group or unsubscribe from commercial emails with laser precision.

Swizzle first reads your inbox, then presents a list of commercial emails from retailers sent to you — for instance, my inbox always seems full of sales emails from bicycle and outdoor companies. From there you have two options: You can easily unsubscribe from any or all of them, which is much easier than having to rummage around for the unsubscribe link for each company; or you can elect to condense all the emails into a single daily digest.

It may not sound very sexy; but Scott Kurnit, the man behind both the Swizzle app and its developer, Keep Holdings, says it’ll dramatically change your inbox — though what you get out of the app might vary depending on your gender.

“Women actually like commercial email. Men don’t,” Scott told us during a recent chat over the phone, referring to market research. “More women use the full set of services … whereas men will say ‘I don’t want it at all.’ “

Swizzle will work with major IMAP-based email services like Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook, etc, but is incompatible with less common POP emails services.

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