Pre-Order Jonathan Ive Book, Get Sneak Peek At Secret Video



I’m pleased to formally introduce my new book on Apple’s head designer, Sir Jonathan Ive — Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products.

Published by Penguin Portfolio on November 14, it’s the first full-length biography of the worlds’ most-celebrated designer.

I’m super psyched about it. It turned out great. I managed to talk to a bunch of inside sources, who reveal some of Apple’s most guarded secrets about how the company really works.

The book traces Jony Ive’s life from his childhood in the UK through his meteoric rise up Apple’s executive ranks. It includes the most detailed account to date of the development of the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. It provides unique insight into the ultra-secret Industrial Design studio and will change your thinking about the role of “design” within Apple. It’s the story of a quiet but charming boy from Essex who became the worlds’ primary technology innovator. And he drives a James Bond supercar! It’s a great story, there’s a lot to learn, and the book does him credit (I hope).

Please check out the book mini-site here.

Special Pre-Order Bonus!

The book will be in stores on November 14. If you pre-order the book from Amazon and forward me the receipt, I’ll send you a link to a secret private video.

The video’s a bit cheeky — which is why it’s unlisted — but I think you’ll get a huge kick out of it. I laughed so hard I almost hurt myself.

Just pre-order the book and forward the email receipt from to You’ll get an automatic response with a link to the unlisted video.

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Here’s the Amazon US link: Jony Ive book pre-order.

And here’s the Amazon UK link: Jony Ive book pre-order.

  • rubiconreader

    Congrats! I’ll make sure my bookstore carries this one. If you’re looking for an unbiased book review please let me know as well.

  • dcj001

    It would be better if the editorial reviews on Amazon’s page for this book make references to this book or Jony, and not Steve, as they do? They make it sound as if this book is about Steve, and not Jony.

    Editorial Reviews
    “Those searching for a telling portrait of Jobs’s management style and its impact on Apple will not be left wanting.”
    —Publishers Weekly

    “A rich, essential read for [fans] to get inside Jobs’s head and discover what makes Apple insanely great.”
    —USA Today

    “Enjoyable, well-written, very informative, and, most important, up to date . . . a unique approach, about [Jobs], from someone as steeped in Apple’s culture and history as Kahney.”

    “A detailed, concept-oriented, blow-by-blow look at Apple’s CEO and what makes him tick.”

    “A compelling sketch of the elitist, churlish visionary.”
    —U.S. News & World Report

  • Othman_Safarini

    Does the Special Pre-Order Bonus available for the Kindle edition ?

  • lkahney

    Yeah, sure, just send a note to

  • lkahney

    Yeah, I know it’s a bit confusing. But it’s because there are no reviews for the Jony Ive book yet. The publisher will swap in quotes about the new book as soon as they are published. The book still isn’t out for more than a week. This is standard practice, btw: all publishers do this.

  • DuffyMoon

    Hi Leander, are you releasing an audiobook version at the same time/near future?

  • Behinder

    It’s a bit confusing. On UK Amazon no link for Hardcover – paperback 13 pounds, but in US Hardcover 17$ ..what the hell…

  • BigDad42

    Got the email with the link to the secret video but YouTube tells me that “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Apple Inc.”.