Evernote And Adonit Team Up To Make Penultimate-Friendly Stylus


Somehow, Adonit and Evernote have together managed to solve the biggest problem in iPad styluses: the size of the tip. Instead of a big fat pinkie-sized blob of rubber, the new Jot Script has a point that’s more or less the size of a regular rollerball ball.

And best of all, the latest version of Penultimate, Evernote’s note-taking app – has been developed in tandem with the pen to work like, well, to work like an Apple product.

Evernote And Adonit Team Up To Make Penultimate-Friendly Stylus

First, the app. Penultimate’s ultimate update adds zoom (at last!) and something called “drift.” This is a new take on zoomed handwriting. Instead of making you write in a zoomed-in box, you just zoom the page and scrawl. The app then “drifts” the page, scrolling it to the left at the same speed as you write, letting you write big but make small test on the page. What it doesn’t do is auto-return at the end of the line, which is a pain.

Wrist protection is also improved, says Evernote.

Then there’s the stylus itself, a Bluetooth 4 number design specifically to work with Penultimate. It has a small tip that uses some Bluetooth magic to give a correspondingly small target on screen, making you feel a lot less like you’re writing with a fat crayon. I used the original Adonit Jot and found it to be a little irregular in its reliability on the page, so hopefully this has been fixed.

And of course you can use the new Penultimate with any dumb stylus, or even your finger, and all of your handwritten notes will be made searchable by Evernote’s magic.

Both are available now. The app is free, the Jot Script is $75. Review coming soon.

  • VirtualVisitor

    The video starts with “wrist rest protection” then proceeds to show usage with NO wrist resting on the screen. What’s this? Can you or can’t you?

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