iPhone 5s Availability Tracker Sends An Email When The Model You Want Is Back In Stock

You can be as happy as this guy too.

You can be as happy as this guy too.

Still haven’t been able to get your hands on the iPhone 5s model you want? If you didn’t wait in line on launch day or order online already, chances are you’re going to have trouble finding any 5s for awhile, much less your desired color and capacity.

The same guy who created this handy website for checking 5s stock at nearby Apple Stores has a new service that will email you an alert the moment the iPhone 5s you want is available at your local Apple Store. Eureka!

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The way it works is simple: you visit the website, enter your zip code, color, capacity, and email address. You’ll get an email notifying you when Apple has that specific model back in stock at any Apple Store within or near your area code. The site’s creator, Mordy Tikotzky, says he pulls data from store.apple.com to check for available inventory. He promises that email addresses are used only for “sending alerts,” but use the service at your own discretion. And sorry international readers, it’s limited to the U.S.

  • The_iPaddict

    If you’re still looking for an iPhone 5s, then it might be worthwhile checking out iPhoneInventory.com. It’s simple, but the website allows visitors to quickly search local retailer stock like BestBuy, Target and RadioShack.

    iPhone-Check was a great little website, it’s too bad Apple shut them down.

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