What A Gold iPad Mini With Touch ID Might Look Like [Gallery]


We haven’t seen any gold iPad mini 2 cases leak yet, but now that Apple’s announced the gold iPhone 5s, could a golden iPad mini with Retina display and Touch ID be on the way?

Our favorite Apple concept artist, Martin Hajek, has created a new gallery of mockups that showcase a gold iPad mini next to a space gray iPad 5, both of which are also rocking Apple’s fancy new Touch ID sensor. While we doubt Apple will release a gold iPad mini, a gold iPhone sounded crazy just two months ago, so maybe Apple will surprise us again.

Would you be interested in a gold iPad? Take a look at the pics below and tell us your thoughts in the comments:


ipad2013_5-640x480 ipad2013_3 ipad2013_6

  • AlexMarques92

    The Gold mini looks a little tacky. I think the Gold 5s is a little better because its only the back and not all of it at that. but this one does not want to make me get it. A space Grey Mini does look appealing

  • norb

    Sorry but the gold stuff looks like something Samsung would put out. Well they probably will now but I mean it’s tacky.

  • Ivo Gregurec

    pretty tasteless :S

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