What OS X Could Look Like Once It Has Been iOS 7-ified [Concept]


iOS 7 is a radical departure from anything Apple has done design wise, but OS X Mavericks largely still looks like the Mac operating system we all know and love. Much of the leather and linen has been removed in Mavericks, but the OS hasn’t been fundamentally redesigned like iOS.

A designer from the U.K. named Stu Crew sent us his “Ivericks” concept for OS X that blends the design language of iOS 7 with the desktop. “In order to visualise the new style on a Mac screen I recreated several elements and applied them to several programs,” said Crew. “Created to explore the idea of an updated OS X, this is just a update of looks with a few new functions taken from both the iPhone and iPad.”








You can see more of Crew’s concepts and explanations for his design decisions at the source link below. We think it looks pretty good. Will be interesting to see what Jony Ive does with next year’s release of OS X.

  • norb

    Very nice, I really like some of the subtle changes in the beta, would be awesome if they went all out like this.

  • Edgar Rios
  • tool022611

    Will be interesting to see what Jony Ive does with next year’s release of OS X….

    Don’t you mean this year? Mavericks is going to be released very soon.

  • smoke_tetsu

    The “traffic lights” are too big and close together.

  • FFistometer

    I’ve had a hunch for some time OS XI & iOS 8/9 will actually be a fusion of the Operating Systems & the above is a good stab at how the ‘desktop & laptop’ interface would look – I like it.

  • rzakwan

    I don’t really care if they revamp the mac OS UI too, but make it faster, snappier and more memory efficient. The mountain lion is ridiculously poor in performance especially if you don’t have SSD and 16GB of memory

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