Survival Horror Game 2013 ‘Infected Wars’ Brings First Full Campaign Co-Op Multiplayer To iOS


If you haven’t gotten enough zombie survival horror action on your iPhone or iPad, here’s some great news for you: 2013 Infected Wars is a new entry to the genre, and it uses Epic’s gorgeous Unreal Engine for mobile to bring you what looks to be a solid 3D third-person zombie shooter with all the trimmings.

In what may be a first for a mobile game, 2013 Infected Wars developer, Action Mobile Games, is promising co-op multiplayer for the full story campaign, which could be a great way to get with your sisters and bros and just mow down the reanimated undead.

Check out the gameplay trailer below to see what we mean.

Survival Horror Game 2013 ‘Infected Wars’ Brings First Full Campaign Co-Op Multiplayer To iOS

You’ll play the role of a big, grumpy mercenary scrounging for supplies and weaponry to save the few folks left in a world gone all Walking Dead on you. You’ll take said mercenary into the deep red zone, where hordes of zombies must be dealt with to find the missing Alpha Team.

The co-operative multiplayer gaming is a huge draw, as well.

“The feature we are most proud of accomplishing is a full co-op multiplayer experience integrated into the whole campaign with console quality graphics,” said the team in a press release. “Players can use Game Center to play side by side through the entire game. This has never been accomplished on mobile before at this level. We are truly pushing the Apple devices and the Unreal Engine to their limits in order to accomplish this.”

We’ll have a full review of 2013 Infected Wars when it’s out in the App Store. The team has just submitted the game to Apple for review, so it should release soon.

Until then, you’ll have to make do with some of these screenshots.

  • Hawk_Ky

    That trailer did everything BUT make me want to buy the game.

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