Leaked Docs Suggest Budget iPhone Lite Will Come In Two Different Configurations [Rumor]

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There’s a lot of smoke suggesting a fire coming our way. We’ve seen countless leaks, rumors and reports that say Apple will release a budget iPhone Lite in September: a plastic-bodied mid-range phone which Apple will be able to offer for $0 on contract, making a dent in the mid-range market.

We’re pretty sure the iPhone Lite is a real product at this point. But according to a new report, there might not be just one iPhone Lite. There could be two.

PhoneArena is reporting that Apple is making two versions of the iPhone Lite, codnamed Zenvo and Zagato/Bertone. The difference? One’s basically for China, the other for the rest of the world:

Both will feature 4-inch displays, but the difference will be in the processor and connectivity options.

The iPhone Zenvo is said to be the slightly more affordable one as it runs on a ‘H5P dual-core processor’ made by Samsung, 1GB of RAM, and supports FDD 4G connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0.

The iPhone Zagato/Bertone will support TDD 4G LTE and feature an ‘H6P’ processor. These will obviously be the versions for China as support for the local LTE standard is listed.

Interesting if true, but not surprising. Apple seems to be saving money on the new iPhones by using off-the-shelf processors and plastic bodies instead of A-series processors and unibody shells. Of course, the H5P and H6P processors could also be codenames for a new A-series processor, which also would make sense.

With the Chinese market so big but so different from the rest of the world, two different iPhone Lite variations makes sense to me. What do you think?

  • NinerNikki

    Call me old fashioned but I think offering sub-par quality products is bad for a brand. Especially an OCD brand such as Apple. Seems like a step back and not forward.

  • mister_rabbit

    Call me old fashioned but I think offering sub-par quality products is bad for a brand. Especially an OCD brand such as Apple. Seems like a step back and not forward.

    I wouldn’t think of it as “offering sub-par quality produts”, rather products for two different markets, similar to MacBook vs MacBook Pro. iPhone Zenvo/Zagato/Bertone will be aimed at switchers/students, iPhone 5s/6 will be aimed at Apple users/professionals. MacBooks, though using different casing materials, were considered to be of the same quality as MacBook Pros, just with lower specs for less demanding customers. The various iPhones will likely be thought of in the same manner.

  • zammpaul

    I for one, welcome a mid-range iPhone that’s still capable and slightly cheaper. I’ve seen many many people dismiss the iPhone because Apple only offers a high-end phone, and not a €400 model. There is a prepaid market out there and most pre-paid users would not opt-in for a €650+ phone.

    As mister_rabbit said, there are people will different budget, needs and uses out there. There’s a ton of choice for iPods out there, MacBooks, Mac Desktops, and now even the iPad with the iPad Mini. All this doesn’t mean the MacBook Air 11″ €1000 is a sub-par laptop when compared to a €2600 Retina MacBook Pro – it’s just different.

    Variety is good to further strengthen Apple’s ecosystem.

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