The Average iPhone App Only Costs 19 Cents



If you asked most people what the average price of an iPhone app is, they’d probably say $0.99. But nope. As of April, the average price of an iPhone app is even lower. Shockingly low, even: a mere $0.19. And iPad’s a little higher, but not by much.

Mobile analytics firm Flurry has looked at app pricing over the past four years from a base poll of 350,000 apps that use Flurry’s service. Flurry found in their analysis that developers are charging much less money for apps over time.

Why? Consumers want free apps, even if they see a lot more ads and have to deal with a lot more freemium content and in-app purchases. So if you thought the App Store was getting more and more ad-happy, you were right.

The iPad’s not much better. The average iPad app costs $0.50. But at least iOS beats Android: the average Android app is worth only $0.06.

Is it any wonder that developers are finding it harder and harder to make a living off of the App Store these days?

Source: Flurry

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  • Jonathan Ober

    I think the headline was supposed to be average Android app is 6¢ iPhone is 19¢.

  • Shane Bryson

    WOW. Can we just agree that this is most ridiculous misuse of numbers ever!? There should be an average based solely on paid apps. So terrible.