Reeder For iPhone Gets Support For Google Reader Alternatives, Goes Free



The developer behind Reeder, one of the best Google Reader clients for iOS, has confirmed that the app’s development will continue after Google Reader is closed on July 1. The app will soon receive an update which will bring support for a number of Google Reader alternatives, and if that wasn’t enough, it’ll be free on the iPhone starting today.

Reeder for iPhone version 3.2 has already been submitted to the App Store, so we should see it within the coming weeks. When we do, it’ll support the following Google Reader alternatives:

  • Feedbin
  • Feedly
  • Feed Wrangler
  • Fever
  • Standalone/local RSS feeds (with no syncing)

As for Reeder for iPad and Mac, these are also being updated to support the services above, but they will arrive as new apps — not updates to the existing ones. The Reeder blog explains:

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to add other services to the current versions of these apps. It’s probably best to use my time to work on the new versions, to get these out as soon as possible. This means that I’ll remove the current versions of these apps from the App Store on July 1st, as they only work with Google Reader.

For updates on the progress of these apps, you can follow Reeder on Twitter. You can also keep an eye on the blog by clicking the source link below.

Source: Reeder

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  • bavich

    We will need to pay for iPad and Mac versions?

  • dustyhansen

    We will need to pay for iPad and Mac versions?

    You had to pay for them before. He only made them free AFTER Google announced the end of Reader, since it wasn’t fair for people to pay for an app that was reaching EOL basically in a few months.