New MacBook Air Owners Having Tons Of Problems With 802.11AC WiFi

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It’s not uncommon for new Macs to have issues that require a firmware upgrade down the line to fix, and it looks like that’s true of the new Haswell-boasting MacBook Airs, which are reportedly having a lot of problems with their new 802.11ac WiFi chips.

A growing number (thousands) of new MacBook Air customers have descended upon the official support forums to talk about the issues they are experiencing. According to the reports, the WiFi will initially connect, but the connection quickly stops working, and only a total reboot will fix the problem.

According to Gizmodo, Apple Stores are seeing a lot of returns because of this issue.

Like we said, it’s not uncommon for Apple to fix such issues with a patch or firmware upgrade down the line. And it’s probably natural that this is happening: 802.11ac is a brand new tech, and the new MacBook Air is the first device to boast the capability. Expect a software update for the issue, though hopefully it’ll happen sooner rather than later.

  • BlueLightAlarm

    erm, are you aware that your email address is visible in the picture for this article John?

  • joewaylo

    erm, are you aware that your email address is visible in the picture for this article John?

    It’s also on his “Email the author”. He just wanted to broadcast it and get a swarm of emails today.

  • technochick

    That thread has perhaps 20 real reports in it. And who knows what the factors are in each case. Given that a reboot seems to fix the issue it sounds like a software issue is more likely than a hardware one.

    And it is highly, highly unlikely that anyone is going to risk getting fired by telling Giz anything which is why they have no real details from their ‘sources’.

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