Here’s How The New ‘Wish List’ Feature In iOS 7 Works



The App Store in iOS 7 has an new ‘Wish List’ feature designed to help you keep track of all the paid-apps you’re lusting after.

You can access Wish List from anywhere inside the new iOS 7 App Store by tapping on the Wish List icon in the upper-right corner. Apple’s put the Wish List icon on pretty much every page in the new App Store so it looks like they’re hoping users will really get into the new feature and buy more apps.

Here’s how Wish List works:




To add new apps to your Wish List, you just tap the share button on any app’s page and choose “Add to Wish List.” You can also gift apps, copy the direct link, or share it to Twitter, Facebook, Mail, or Messages.

You can delete apps from Wish List by swiping left to reveal the delete button, or tapping Edit in the tap left corner and checking the apps you want to delete. Once you’ve bought an app it’s automatically off your list and you also can’t add free apps to the list, which sucks if you just want a way to bookmark a free app until you get to a Wifi connection.

There’s also no way to rearrange the apps on your Wish List, or organize them into categories if you have a lot on your list, but hopefully Apple will add more features to Wish List as iOS 7’s development progresses.

Deals of the Day

  • andrewr727

    Hopefully they add this into to. Also hopefully they allow it to sync with your iTunes (desktop version) wishlist.

  • Obsidian71

    Appshopper. Anything else is simply half-baked. I don’t need just a list if interesting things I need a list of interesting things that also notifies me of updates or price changes. There’s little utility in just a static list

  • sigboe

    Can other people check my wish list?
    Can I see my mothers or other peoples wishlist?

    If not, what the heck is the point?

  • richarbrown

    If you wish to bookmark an app for ever, and even share your bookmarks around, there is an app who does that. I use Appsfire.