Slicereader, A Reading App So Minimal Even Jony Ive Would Blink

People talk a lot of crap about their minimalist apps, promising “distraction-free” interfaces as if distraction had anything to do with how many buttons you can see on the screen. In the future I will send those people a link to download Slicereader, a reading app so truly minimal that it doesn’t even have an open/save dialog.

Made by Mutahhir Ali Hayat to serve precisely one customer – himself – Slicereader is an app for reading long form text. And to say that it’s minimal isn;t to say that it lacks features.

Open it up, make a new article (⌘-N) and paste in your text. Now you can hit the space bar to scroll down a page at a time, and shift-space to go back up. If the current paragraph continues off the end of the page, then the spacebar will scroll a line at a time until you’ve read it, and then resume to paging down.

The arrow keys can be used to hop a whole screen at any time.

You can also add multiple articles and your position in each one will be saved, complete with a handy little pie-chart in the overview article list to let you know how far you have gotten.

And that’s it. You’ll need to be running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion to use it, and the app is free. Available now.

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