Skype Update Makes It Easy To Switch To Bluetooth Headsets & Speakers



Skype has today updated its iOS app to make it super easy to switch to a Bluetooth headset or speaker during a call. It also makes one-to-one chats appear in the correct order, makes some bug fixes and improvements, and more.

With Skype version 4.8, switching to a Bluetooth headset or wireless speaker during a call is as simple as tapping one button. That makes it easier than ever to use Skype in the car or on the move when you don’t want to be fiddling around with the app’s settings.

In addition to this, your one-to-one chats will now appear in the correct order, and if you’re using the Skype app for the first time, you’ll find new introduction screens that’ll help you quickly learn about all of the app’s features.

Skype also promises “general fixes and improvements” in this release, which should make the Skype app more stable. You can download the update now from the App Store.

Source: App Store

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  • Cgs101

    Skype is still really bad with voice calls to non-Skype numbers.