Drive Awake Is The First iOS App That Will Keep You From Falling Asleep At The Wheel


There’s nothing worse on a road trip than battling the ZZZ’s while driving (except maybe a jack rabbit destroying your vehicle), so a chain of coffee shops has created an app called Drive Awake that tracks a drivers’ drowsiness and directs them to the closest coffee shop whenever they nod off.

Drive Awake works by using the iPhone’s front-facing camera to monitor a drivers eyes. You simply mount your iPhone to your windshield and it tracks your retinas to see if they’re open. Once the app determines you’re falling asleep it emits a loud and annoying parrot squawk to get your attention and help you find some coffee.

Here’s a video of the app in action:

Because the app was made by Cafe Amazon it will direct you to one of its nearest cafes instead of a closer Starbucks or something else, but if you value your precious human cargo then this free app might be worth trying out.

  • Zeteboy

    Doesn’t work. Just activated it sitting on my couch, analyzed my face and then said I was driving sleepy. And to boot told me there was none of their coffe shops here in Canada!!

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