50 Billionth App Winner “Saved Up Apps” To Win Contest



The winner of Apple’s $10,000 App Store gift card has revealed how he saved up apps to download to his iPhone in an a bit to become the 50 billionth downloader. Brandon Ashmore, 21, from Mentor, Ohio, held his downloads until Wednesday night to try to give himself a better chance of winning the contest.

He still thought it was a joke when Apple called to tell him he had won, though.

Ashmore told NewsChannel5 that “he saved up about five apps to download on his iPhone 5 Wednesday night to try to win the contest.” Say the Same Thing, a word game by from Space Inch, became the App Store’s 50 billionth download.

But despite going out of his way to give himself the best chance of winning the $10,000 gift card, Ashmore still thought it was a prank when an Apple representative called to tell him he’d won the prize. He then decided the caller had too much information about him to not be genuine.

Ashmore, who’s currently studying computer science at Lakeland Community College, told NewsChannel5 that he hasn’t decided how he’s going to spend the credit yet.

Source: NewsChannel5

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  • Gregory Wright

    Now, if I can just hit the 1/2 Billion dollar Powerball Saturday night.

  • RyanTV

    Too bad he can’t put it towards an acne treatment.

  • Andrew Newsome

    How do these stereotypes exist? So weird. Studying computer science and he looks like a typical “nerd” with glasses and acne. I don’t understand haha.