This Crappy Game Is The Most Shameless Abuse Of In-App Purchases You’ll Ever See [Video]


The game in this video is called Super Monster Bros By Adventure Time Pocket Free Games. Yep, that’s the entire title. Bodes well, doesn’t it? I bet you’re itching to play it. Sadly, though, you can’t. Apple’s already yanked it from the App Store. You probably didn’t want to play it anyway, though: it has to be the most shamelessly abusive examples of in-app purchases that mortal mind can comprehend.

The game itself is just a lame Super Mario Bros. shovelware clone, that bizarrely appropriates Pokemon characters and sounds from the Mario series.

From that standard alone, then, this game would violate Apple’s policies because of blatant IP theft… but then check out how literally every time you tap the screen, you get a pop-up asking you if you’d like to drop $99.99 on a new character, or $49.99 on some more shots from your weapon.

I mean, look at this game. It’s entirely possible that you could run up a $500 bill on the first screen alone… and that’s before you even start playing! Wow.

The amazing thing here isn’t that Apple banned it, it’s that they didn’t catch any of this to begin with! Especially considering the fact that the developer, Mario Casas, seems to reupload this exact same game to Apple — with the exact same in-app purchase scheme — every couple of months with a new name and new graphics, scamming players until he’s caught. And thus the cycle starts anew.

Source: IGN


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  • bdkennedy

    Wow, that’s crazy!

  • Nudge

    lol !!!!!!!!!

  • Windlasher

    So does apple pay right away? If there were a 15 – 30 day lag in paying these parasites, they would never see a dime. Responsible developers with proven track records could be paid right away.

    Also have to wonder if the developer is just hoping you hand this “CUTE” game to your kid who will go to town on the buy button.

  • joewaylo

    More like $1,000 to the untrained child who wouldn’t know better than to see this coming. Though this isn’t the first game to abuse children’s minds. Megapolis is another game that you’d have to watch carefully. To “advance” to the next 5 levels or to do an “expansion”, you have to pay $10 USD. Even for “Build a bridge” for the Megapolis game, you have to pay $5 to get one by one parts unless you have dozens of friends who will contribute supplies to you.

    Though this game is very interesting. To have a top dog Mario character, $100? Holy cow. To continue at the last death point, $100? To buy ammunition after you spent 30 rounds, $1? Yeah sign me up.