Creators Of Hit iOS Game ‘The Incident’ Announce Next Project: ‘Space Age’


Fans of hit vertical jumper The Incident will be pleased to learn that the game’s makers are about to release a new creation in the App Store called Space Age. Based on early screenshots and demo videos, it has the same delightfully retro charm as its predecessor.

Matt Comi and Neven Mrgan of Big Bucket recently announced Space Age on the Touch Arcade forums. It looks great, and they’re obviously saving the juicer details for later.

“It’s a little hard to peg down what kind of game Space Age is, but we like to think of it as a mash up between a real-time strategy, an adventure game and a stealth action game,” wrote Comi. “A sort of a love letter to the kind of games we enjoyed playing growing up. It’s a lot bigger and more ambitious than The Incident and we really hope you’re going to like it.”

Some gameplay demos have been made available:

Creators Of Hit iOS Game ‘The Incident’ Announce Next Project: ‘Space Age’

Creators Of Hit iOS Game ‘The Incident’ Announce Next Project: ‘Space Age’

More info will be released via the game’s official Twitter account. A specific release date has not been announced. You can signup for updates via email on the Space Age website.

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