Funny Or Die’s ‘iSteve’ Movie Now Available For Free Online

Justin Long Steve Jobs

You’ll have to think pretty different to enjoy this movie.

The time has come. Funny or Die’s Steve Jobs mockumentary featuring Justin Long has arrived. iSteve is available for streaming in non-Apple-friendly-Flash on Funny or Die’s website. The “biopic” lasts about 80 minutes.

Warning: It is not as hilarious as we thought it might be. In fact, it’s pretty bad. It’s also historically inaccurate in many, many ways. I barely made it through the first 10 minutes. Kudos to you if you can finish. Ashton Kutcher’s JOBS is starting to look a lot more legitimate.

  • SupaMac

    …nevermind, didn’t see that obvious “source” graphic.

  • SupaMac

    WAIT! STOP THE PRESSES! You’re telling me that a comedic spoof is “historically inaccurate in many, many ways”?!?!?!

    OH MY GOD! Say it ain’t so!!!

  • KevinCrossman

    It certainly isn’t a great film, though given the five day shooting schedule I have to say it’s not as historically inaccurate as you might think. Some of the tone feels right to me, even if the facts aren’t true. I really thought the Jack Tramiel character was great! I definitely chuckled a number of times.

  • Zeteboy

    In flash? No thanks.

  • technochick

    Its Funny or Die, of course it’s wont be historically accurate. Accurate to the alleged history perhaps, which is typical of spoofs. But not the real history.

  • technochick

    In flash? No thanks.

    Alex didn’t bother mentioning they have an app. So you may have another option

    I’m watching it on my iPad, seems fitting. Or I will be in a few minutes

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