Best Buy Is Having A Killer Clearance Sale On Retina iPads, 30% Off! [Deals]

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Looking for a Retina iPad? Here’s a killer deal: Best Buy is having a clearance of up to 30% off third-gen iPads, meaning you can now buy a 16GB Retina iPad for less money than it costs to buy the entry-level iPad mini.

Right now, you can buy:

• 16GB iPad WiFi + Cellular for $405.99 (was $579.99)
• 32GB iPad WiFi + Cellular for $475.99 (was $679.99)
• 64GB iPad WiFi+ Cellular for $545.99 (was $779.99)
• 16GB iPad WiFi for $314.99 (was $449.99)
• 32GB iPad WiFi for $384.99 (was $549.99)
• 64GB iPad WiFi for $454.99 (was $649.99)

These are steals of prices. The third-gen iPad has a Retina Display, a slightly slower processor and the old 30-Pin Dock Connector, but in every other way, it’s every bit as good as the most recent iPad. If you’re looking to get a 9.7-inch tablet, these prices are about as good as you’re going to get.

  • Jmw1480

    Unavailable in every store I searched online at, similar to what happened when Target dropped their prices in February. It’s a great deal… if you can find one in stock.

  • vaio1990

    iPad 5 is coming out soon?

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