This Radical Skateboard Was Made From An Old Mac Pro [Image]


Apparently, the aluminum from this skateboard was repurposed from an old Mac Pro (or Power Mac G5?). Since Apple’s pretty much abandoned updating their Pro desktop, that’s one way to make sure all that pretty metal doesn’t go to waste.

  • TheMacGuy

    That’s a Power Mac G5. The pictures on the metal show only 1 drive door, where as all Mac Pros had 2 drive doors.

  • Sam Parmenter

    Are there any decent mac news sites left because this is becoming a joke. 3 Lines of text in a non-article about nothing.

    Would you like me to write in with how I use my old broken ipod as a table coaster. This site is already 90% adverts and now the other 10% is nearly all complete crap.

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