iPhone 5S Production Ramping Up At Foxconn [Rumor]


Rumors surrounding the iPhone 5S have started to pick up steam in recent weeks, and now a report from overseas claims that Foxconn has started ramping up production for the new device.

Japanese blog Macotakara says that Apple’s biggest manufacturing partner has started gearing up for the iPhone 5S. The device reportedly looks so much like the iPhone 5 that Foxconn is able to manufacture the two phones on the same line.

Macotakara has its hits and misses, so take this rumor with a healthy dose of skepticism. It feels a bit early for Foxconn to start putting units together.

The iPhone 5S is expected to arrive by August or July, depending on who you ask. A summer timeframe seems to be widely agreed upon at this point, and manufacturers would need to get a few months head start on production. The iPhone 5S is rumored to be an incremental update to the iPhone 5 that retains the same overall design. The device is expected to focus on internal improvements and better camera optics.

Apple’s plans are always subject to change, but it appears that we’ll see the successor to the iPhone 5 and maybe even a totally new iPhone this year.

  • akaess

    We know the 5S is going to look exactly like the 5. Why do you feel the need to put up these futuristic renderings for this article? It’s this type of thing that makes the average reader have false expectations of the new device that eventually make their way into mainstream media.

  • ekim1406

    “Macotakara has its hits and misses, so don’t take this rumor with a healthy dose of skepticism. It feels a bit early for Foxconn to start putting units together.”

    Maybe you meant to say “without a healthy dose of skepticism”
    or “so take this rumor with a healthy dose of skepticism”

    Either way you guys need an editor.

  • PY1TE

    Leaked supply chain pics, or it’s not happening.

  • Zod Buster

    another row of icons… can hardly wait.

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