New Kindle For iOS Update Deletes Your Entire Book Library [Update: Fixed!]


Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 9.14.29 AM

Heads up! If you use Amazon’s Kindle app for the iPhone or iPad, don’t hit update! The new 3.6.1 update will, if installed, delete your entire book library from your device. Amazon’s working on the problem, and for a problem of this magnitude, expect a quick fix.

Update: And it’s now been fixed!

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  • dieselmaniac

    Umm.. How about pulling it from the App Store? Duh..

  • lowtolerance

    I updated last night before the warning and it did NOT delete my entire library. The only issue it presented to me was that I had to re-enter my login info.

  • Eagle87

    opps, I should really read update descriptions properly :/ least I never use it that much that it won’t affect me too much. Still don’t understand how they made this possible though :o

  • DonPope

    I noticed the warning on the app. Good thing I didn’t automatically press “Update All”.
    Why don’t they just pull it from the App Store?

  • ActionableMango

    It has already been replaced with 3.6.2, so yes, go ahead and update.