Lexx Wallet Sticks Cards To The Back Of Your iPhone

Lexx Wallet Sticks Cards To The Back Of Your iPhone

Vault’s Lexx case sadly has nothing to do with the ultra-cheesy (and fantastic) 1997-2002 sci-fi series of the same name. But it does come with its own flaws, just like the TV show.

The Lexx, available for the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, is a leather wallet which sticks onto the back of your phone and holds up to eight credit cards. I don’t know how anyone could possibly amass eight cards, but then I actually have a standing order with Amazon to ship a bag of rubber bands to me each week. I use them to wrap around the wads of cash I carry with me.

The wallet splits open along two sides to let you slot in the cards, and has a separate slot on the outside for one oft-used card. The video shows an Oyster card, which is the London’s RFID public transport card.

The main section closes using a “powerful magnet,” which is something I discovered should never be put near the magnetic strip of a bank card when I tested out the otherwise amazing Don’t Panic iPad case

Should you wish to risk the functionality of all of your cards in one go, the Lexx can be had for $40, in brown or black. Available now.

  • DistilUnion

    Like this concept, but don’t like magnets on yer phone/cards – check out our Wally for iPhone, posted just a few days back http://bit.ly/Uw3ScQ Slim leather pocket with no magnets or case, just stick-on micro-suction sexiness…

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