Texas Instruments Makes A Graphing Calculator Out Of Your iPad


If you were ever a dork like me, goofing off in Trig class to play Wolfenstein 3D on your graphing calculator, this will be exciting: Texas Instruments has brought their graphing calculator software to the iPad.

The new software mimics the functionality of TI’s TI-Nspire calculator, and it’s Texas Instrument’s first entry into the graphing calculator app world.

As Casey Johnston over at Ars Technica points out, it’s unlikely this app will be a wild hit with students, since it costs $29.99 and can’t be used to examinations (because an iPad can easily be used to cheat instead). Still, it does have one feature that seems neat: Dropbox integration that allows teachers and other students to share equations.

Apparently, the app has been temporarily pulled due to a security issue, but will be coming back shortly. We’ll update our post when it lands. Can’t wait to try getting Wolfenstein 3D running on this thing.

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